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Bye 2017, it's been real

Ok I am probably the worlds worst blogger. My sincere apologies however I have been asleep for the past two months and doing all your beautiful weddings for the previous seven. 

They were incredible, all of them. The variety of what each couple wants their flowers to look like always astounds me. It's very easy for me to feel like I have seen it all from time to time until you guys come along and blow my socks off so thank you.

2018 is looking like a surprising mix of super classical blush pink, think palest of pale peony bouquets and fluffy garden roses and what I call 'dark and pop' bouquets. This is what I mean

Bridal bouquet floral designer france

So we mix colour pops, usually in apricot or oranges with deep toned reds and surround them with super naturally styled foliage. It is this style and shape bouquet that is currently taking america and the uk by storm and moving floral design away from the classic structured round bouquet. This excites me. 

Lavender tones are holding their own again this year with Ultraviolet being the Pantone colour of the year ( excuse my candour, I call BS on the whole Pantone thing, no one seriously plans their whole wedding based on a colour swatch someone else chose as a trend). Lavender is always going to be popular in France however. 


White and green is once again massive but instead of the rustic table centres of the past few years in jam jars and  crates, we are going to be looking at tall topiary style arrangements with masses of luxury flowers such as white hydrangeas, roses, peonies and orchids. This glamorous look is so stunning in the grand salons of the Chateaux of France.

2018 is the year of the collaboration of the floral designer and stylist. It is so important than one of the other doesn't take over your tablescape and I am cautiously optimistic that we are going to start seeing a bit more thought going into the mix of flowers and table decor. We are going to be providing lots more rental pieces and have noticed that 2017 was the beginning of couples putting a lot of thought into not only the flowers for the tables but the colours and textures of the linen, cutlery and glassware and creating unique tablescapes that reflect the atmosphere they imagined their wedding. This gorgeous Game of Thrones inspired wedding included navy linens, gold candlesticks, gold footed bowls filled with jewel toned flowers and fruit.


tablescape floral styling in gold

Needless to say, all this makes an OCD detail freak like me a happy girl. So here's to 2018 and to all you beautiful 2017 brides and grooms, a huge thank you for the goosebump moments.

Much love,


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