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Well it's done. It's finished for 2016. It has been the most incredible season and I wanted to start by saying to huge thank you to all my beautiful couples, all the planners and supplier who made each wedding so perfect. We are so proud to say that we were feature on Style Me Pretty and Wedding and Wedding Flowers Uk this year. Pop over to the brag book to take a look.

So 2017. Obviously we have updated our website. I nearly lost my sh1t over domain transfers and generally all things technical but here we are. All shiny and sparkles. ( No actual sparkles were used in this website, we don't do sparkles, well unless they are on a pair of Louboutins but I digress). 2017 trends are looking a little more Boho, a heap of lavender and some different styling. We are currently working on the most gorgeous handmade macramé hanging for our brand new silver birch arch, perfect for any flower child brides out there so watch this space for pics. We will also be working with a few new venues which is always exciting and perhaps best of all we will have a brand new intern joining us from April. So excited to share all the gorgeousness with her.

Brides seem to be moving away from the trends from the last few years and are looking at different ways to display flowers for their wedding reception. There has always been a delicate balance when choosing table flowers as too much and you have a face full of hydrangea during your meal and too little looks sparse. One way to combat this is to take your flowers to new heights. Structures which sit on the table and allow your flowers to cascade above you as you dine are proving popular. Other options for marquees include floral canopies, chandeliers draped in blooms and hanging potted plants. The latter work very well in venues with big old beams. We generally know what will work in a location and it may look beautiful on Pinterest (yes this is another Pinterest rant) but sometimes you just can't hang a three stone piece from thin air,  so ask our advice, I have previously dubbed some weddings as 'skyhook weddings' but we always do our best to make it work.

To all our 2017 brides, hold on in there, I'm working by month at the moment and you will be hearing from me soon. It's going to be a beautiful year and I can't wait to work with you all.

Much love,


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