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Flowers make us happy, ridiculously, deliriously happy. The heady perfume of lilacs and hyacinths intoxicate us. Blousy garden roses send us into a giddy delight. If you feel so strongly about anything you work with, it's not work, it's an honour and you are one of the lucky few who really adores what they do. We are.
A close second on our list is weddings, we love the details, the contagious excitement of couples, the personality reflected in every choice they make. It is a collage of two people coming together in one of the most important days of their lives. It is always an utter privilege to be asked to be involved in such a special day.

We love the variety of weddings in France, from rustic marquee garden weddings of the Dordogne to glamourous cliff top chateaus of Provence or Parisian elopements, each couples flower choice should reflect their location amongst other things. We have worked with some of the most beautiful venues in France as well as their planners. We know how it works.

We work on a one on one basis with our couples, by email, Skype, phone or face to face and we ask a lot of questions, seemingly unimportant at the time but when the details line up on the day it becomes clear. Whatever your style, your colours or budget, we will work for you to get you what you want. Floral designers are a strange mix of florist, carpenter, engineer and magician so whatever your request, just ask.


Sasa Adamovic photography

Sasa Adamovic photography

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